About Gracious

About Gracious Candle Co.

About Gracious

Hi, I’m Erin. I’ve been so fortunate to be part of such a vibrant community full of encouraging entrepreneurs and mentors. I created Gracious to honour these mentors, as well as the family members who inspire me — specifically my mom and my niece and nephews.

Our first line of candles is the Small City collection. I love the sense of community we have in our small city. It’s filled with so many diverse and inspiring people who impact our lives everyday. This candle series celebrates the amenities we love most in our neighbourhood.

Making Gracious candles with plant-based ingredients

Gracious candles are clean and simple. 

We use 100% plant-based ingredients, including an all natural coconut soy wax blend and naturally coated cotton wicks, and we ensure that none of the ingredients in our candles are ever tested on animals. Gracious candles contain 100% essential oils. This means all of our candles are clean-burning. Our candles are free of parabens, genetically-modified material, and both pesticide and herbicide residues.