The Saturday Market 2 for $20

The Saturday Market 2 for $20

$12.00 CAD $20.99 CAD

Lavender | Lemon

6oz | 40 hour burn

This candle celebrates our favourite Saturday morning tradition - the Farmer’s Market! At the Saturday morning market, you’re sure to feel that buzz and sense of community as you grab a coffee, check out your local vendors, and run into friends and neighbours.

Like all Gracious candles, The Saturday Market is hand-poured in Baden, Ontario. It’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients, including an all natural coconut soy wax, a naturally coated cotton wick, and 100% essential oils. It’s free of parabens, genetically-modified material, and both pesticide and herbicide residues. This means The Saturday Market is a clean-burning candle, sure to bring simplicity and comfort to your home.